Facts R Facts

Rule of thumb majority of shear info only advertising opinion hype....FACT

Most don't groom nor ever groomed or know how ! FACT

Others sell shears knowing nothing except buy cheap Imports sell high FACT

Others push convex blades marginal quality imports FACT      

CONVEX BLADES primarily Beauty Industry NOT GROOMING 

CONVEX BLADES don't hold up well nor cut well through muddy fur ! FACT 

Claim Finishing Shears Side Cutting, Dry or Wet Cutting...BOULDER DASH !!


Been that way sense grooming industry started 


AUSSIE DOG World Renown On Creating The Best Quality Made !

Our patented designs still copied most in the world..!!

The knock-off chihuahua's can & will never be able to keep up or match nor create our quality


Facts R Facts


Bought what I thought was same as Aussie Dog. They had that Aussie Dog them sharpened 2 weeks after I bought them
Blades melted when sharpened...they have never cut right....Sharpener did them 3 times. Never will buy others such cheap quality. 
Luv my Aussie Dog's just received them in mail...nobodies quality is as good as the real Aussie Dog. 
Our whole shop are customers for life.  
Helen we luv Aussie Dog Atlanta
Aussie Dog Patented Designs The Best In The World....copied everywhere 
We started KITS 30yrs Ago and the 2 & 3 shears for $99 :)
Groomers only had old retro barber shears importers selling single barber shears still that way !!  
Hershey show bought shears your quality is the best And i could afford to buy couple pair.
Aussie Dog U Rock Jenna K 

Dear Aussie Dog,
Bought your Blue Titanium Shears had them for 2 yrs and never needed sharpening
These are awesome..had many others they can't compare..Aussie Dog your the best
Great service guys !
Iric Chicago
Dear Iric
Thanks 2 yrs a bit lucky... but our shears out last any other brand..!
We recomend at least every 6 months sharpening
Aussie Dog

Dear Aussie Dog Shear,
Purchased your Blue Titanium Shears LV them....everyone in our shop has Aussie Dog
8 Groomers we all LV you guys
Jenni The Big Easy
Dear Jenni
Thanks we LV New Orleans Hey use Joel For sharpening 205-529-9969.!
Great Sharpener and a good Guy
Aussie Dog

Aussie Dog,
Your shears rock just bought these in Kitchener Canada best ever used....and the price
We in Canada just get all the old expensive styles.
Sara Ont Canada
Dear Sara
Can order any item via web site Ontario delivery 
only 1 to 2 Days to any location in Ontario
Aussie Dog

Dear Aussie Dog Company,
Purchased your shears at Rhode Island dog show
Brought back to my shop and use everyday.
I'm amazed how these shears have their sharp on
everyday use for 6months. Others I've
purchased which several were expensive brands most
Don't even stay sharp for 2 months more less
6 now all my 14 girls have Aussie Dog
Shears why would we buy another  
Thanks it's nice to be able to buy quality today
Jackie R Boston

We LV Aussie Dog Shears
Pets Smart Groomers #XXXXX  
Philadelphia, PA

Best  Shears Made
We all love Aussie Dog Here
Jo Ann C XXXXXXXX AL PetSmart  

BEST Quality Made
Thanks Guys
Jay Palm Beach FL 

Dear Aussie Dog,
Bought many pairs of your shears the only..I use and will buy
Same with the 6 other shops in our area...Aussie Dog all the
Linda L New Orleans
Dear Linda
We here at Aussie Dog staff and crew have all our friends
Family and fellow Americans in Louisiana in our nightly prayers
God Bless and anything we can do Linda just call
Aussie Dog,
Love my New Nautilus Black Titanium Shears you guys were right I purchased them
At this past Pasadena show used them everyday and there still as sharp as when I
Bought them!
Connie Long Beach
Connie our Nautilus Shears with Black Armor Titanium..ROCK 

Dear Aussie Dog Shears,
Chicago Loves Aussie Dog 
Sandra J Chicago

Dear Aussie Dog
Canada Grooms with Aussie Dog Shears
Cheri R Toronto Canada

Aussie Dog,
Vancouver BC Grooms with Aussie Dog Thinners The Best !
Bill Vancouver BC

Dear Aussie Dog 
Milwaukee Grooms with Aussie Dog Shears & Thinners
Best Quality And Price
If you don't have Aussie Dog Shears Wake Up !  
Diane R Milwaukee

Aussie Dog,
Jersey Grooms with Aussie Dog Shears Thinners and the
Great  tools....Best quality shears I've purchased in 20years
Aussie Dog your the best
Jackie R

Dear Aussie Dog products
Quite impressed with the cut and long lasting sharpness of
your blades...shipping and purchase was a nice buying experience
will only use Aussie Dog now
Life long customer
Penny H Bassingstoke Hants England